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The 4pi tech support pages are summarized below. Click on the link that best suits your need. If you are unable to find the information you need, contact 4pi support and we will resolve the problem.


Trouble-shooting the 4pi System
[tips for testing the 4pi system]

Returning Equipment
[request an RMA]

Pulse Processors

Pulse Processors
[how to connect to them]

Spectral Engine Description and Specifications

Spectral Engine Hardware
[description and specifications of SEII hardware]

4pi Schematics and Settings
[nitty-gritty details]

Spectral Engine Software
[description of SEII software]

Related Links for More Information

Imaging Links
[SEM Manufacturers and Imaging Software]

Macintosh Links
[Macintosh News, Information, and Help]

Windows Links
[Windows News, Information, and Help]

Feedback to 4pi

Feature Requests
[tell us what you want the software to do]

[information we need before we can fill your order]

Upgrading the 4pi System

Contact 4pi sales for price information regarding hardware and/or software upgrades.