EDX Systems & Upgrades for TEMs, SEMs, ESEMs & Microprobes

Si(Li) and Silicon Drift Nitrogen-free X-ray detectors are built to fit the chamber of the specified microscope or microprobe. Full-color x-ray map collection is a standard feature on 4pi's EDX Systems configured for SEMs, STEMs, ESEMs, FESEMs, and EPMAs.

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General Specifications

Universal Spectral Engine® Developed and manufactured by 4pi, the "back-end" electronics of all systems is a stand-alone unit with a small footprint (8.5" x 16.5" x 19"). The unit contains a digital pulse processor, digital image acquisition and scan-control hardware, and Ethernet interface. The Universal Spectral Engine interfaces to any Windows or Macintosh computer that has an Ethernet port.

  • Gain (spectrum range): 10keV, 20keV, 40keV, 80keV range
  • Gain stability with temperature: 120 ppm/°C or better
  • Peaking time: 0.25 - 80 microseconds (Triangular/Trapezoidal shaping)
  • Integral Non-linearity: 0.1% or better of full scale output
  • Pileup Inspection: pulse-pair resolution typically better than 250 ns
  • HV supply: 0-1000V DC negative
  • Operation Temperature Range: +5°C to +40°C; LN2-protect circuitry
  • Seamlessly Interfaces to all modern x-ray detectors including resistive feedback
  • Simultaneously collect digital, x-ray and WDS images for installations that include WDS


RevolutionEDX unit

Software Features

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Hyperspectral Imaging

Operational Features

  • Gigabit networking for local or remote operation
  • Maximum Pixel Spectrum: detection of rare elemental features in x-ray spectra and maps
  • Dynamic Element Mapping: real-time selection of elements and processing parameters during acquisition
  • Fast spectrum imaging
  • Slow mapping (live- or real-time acquisition)
  • Full spectrum at every pixel: analysis and display
  • Color phase map
  • Background subtraction
  • Principal Components Analysis

Display Features

  • Resizable windows for live display of all images
  • Selectable pixel depth (8- or 16-bit)
  • Grayscale or color maps
  • Export to JPEG, cross-platform TIFF, PICT (Mac), BMP (Windows)
  • Brightness/contrast adjustment with histogram display

X-ray Microanalysis

Operational Features

  • Gigabit networking for local or remote operation
  • Quantitative X-ray Spectrum Analysis:
  • auto-peak ID
  • auto or manual quant
  • bulk or thin film quant
  • quant with or without standards
  • live quant: results appear during acquisition
  • KLM markers
  • Auto calibration
  • Unlimited number of spectra and spectrum catalogs
  • Selectable real-time spectrum scaling
  • Adjustable preset acquisition (realtime, livetime)
  • Spectrum text annotation
  • Export to EMSA 1.0, JPEG, PICT (Mac), BMP (Windows)
  • Import EMSA 1.0
  • Copy/paste spectra between catalogs and paste to other applications

Display Features

  • Live spectrum scaling (auto, linear/log)
  • Live zoom and pan
  • Spectrum overlay
  • Spectrum math
  • Line or histogram style plotting of spectra
  • Full control of display colors
  • Adjustable channel display (up to 4096)
  • Intelligent labeling of spectrum energy axis
  • Acquire status: deadtime, realtime/livetime counter, input/output count rate ROI sums

Digital Imaging

Includes all RevolutionSEM features